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Indaba puts your stakeholder and expert network at your fingertips. It converts their knowledge into data that you can analyze, publish, and use to make decisions.
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What is Indaba?

Indaba lets you convert overwhelming volumes of information into data. Until now, there’s never been an easy way to consolidate what different people understand about different aspects of an issue. What if you could structure stakeholder input into coherent data and filter out what you really need to know? With Indaba, you can.

Indaba is more than a survey

The problem with surveys is that they are one-time and one-way – they preclude discussion and iterative review. Indaba combines surveys with a virtual meeting place so users can discuss their responses, provide evidence, and interact with each other.

Indaba is more than a collaborative workspace

The problem with most discussion tools is that they cannot easily create data-driven output that enables meaningful comparisons or evidence-based decisions. Indaba helps you set the rules that quantify experts’ assessments, establish a workflow and timeline, transparently build consensus, and keep the project on time and on budget. The result: useable, publishable data about topics that are difficult to measure.

You and your network know things about the world. Indaba helps you convert that knowledge into decisions that matter. Indaba makes knowledge usable. Indaba turns knowledge into data.

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What can Indaba do?

Indaba is a data collaboration platform that is purpose-built to assemble distributed knowledge about hard-to-measure concepts into structured datasets, indices, and scorecards.

Indices and Scorecards

Harness the power of your global network to create and publish indices that quantify complex concepts like good governance, transparency, freedom, health, or safety.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Convert staff assessment of effectiveness, quality, or change into data you can use to drive monitoring and evaluation of community development, institutional priorities, and conflict resolution efforts.

Informed Decision Making

Leverage existing knowledge from diverse perspectives to power data-driven decisions about resource allocation, from corporate spending to security assistance.


Amida offers Indaba customization, support, and hosting services.

About Indaba

Indaba was originally developed by – and for – a community of transparency-oriented NGOs. Amida extended its capability to address a broader array of hard-to-measure sectors. Indaba is completely open source; Amida operates Indaba on behalf of our customers.