Indaba integrates the most difficult aspects of data collaboration into one simple, flexible tool.

Basic Features

Responsive design
Easily configurable
Multiple-language support
Supports a variety of users
Optimized for low bandwidth
Secure login
Automated notifications
Project and user dashboards

Data Management

Data management is complicated. Project managers have little time and few resources, yet somehow must coordinate large teams of contributors who work in multiple time zones, languages, and cultures. We know from experience that this is a challenging process.

Indaba gives project managers tools to automate tasks, monitor real-time status, and adjust to change. From project design to data publication and dissemination, Indaba streamlines data collection and collaboration. Individual tasks, automated reminders, dashboards, and group discussion are intuitively integrated so that everything happens in one place: accessible, secure, convenient, and complete.

Data Collection

Data collection can be chaotic. Research directors struggle to manage survey questions, respondent answers, and primary-source information. Spreadsheets become unwieldy, files become disorganized, and important information gets lost in long email chains.

Indaba controls the volume of even the largest data collection process. Survey responses, supporting documents, and discussion are properly organized as they are entered. Contributors submit data using an online portal, not email attachments. Indaba moves data collection out of inboxes, off of spreadsheets, and into a secure cloud database.

Data Review

Data verification is complex. Without a rigorous data quality assurance process, data becomes inconsistent and non-comparable. The problem compounds when issues are hard-to-define, hard-to-quantify, or hard-to-measure.

Indaba assures data quality in two ways. Embedded data validation and business rules reduce human error by checking numerical values and character limits. Once assessments are collected, Indaba provides a suite of review, adjudication, and collaboration tools that allow multiple experts to comment on the responses, discuss with colleagues, and determine the final outcome. The entire thread is retained for future reference.

Data Publishing

Sharing data is crucial. Casual users may want to interact with the data on a website with intuitive visualization tools. More advanced users will want to access the raw data itself and import it into a variety of statistical programs. Organizations often struggle with dissemination because they do not have the resources to support all the downstream services.

Indaba supports end-to-end data collection and publication in a single easy-to-use system. It delivers data into the hands of analysts, advocates, and decision makers in common formats. Its APIs power desktop visualization tools as well as data downloads in both human- and machine-readable formats for further analysis.

What can Indaba do?

Indaba is a data collaboration platform that is purpose-built to assemble distributed knowledge about hard-to-measure concepts into structured datasets, indices, and scorecards.

Indices and Scorecards

Harness the power of your global network to create and publish indices that quantify complex concepts like good governance, transparency, freedom, health, or safety.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Convert staff assessment of effectiveness, quality, or change into data you can use to drive monitoring and evaluation of community development, institutional priorities, and conflict resolution efforts.

Informed Decision Making

Leverage existing knowledge from diverse perspectives to power data-driven decisions about resource allocation, from corporate spending to security assistance.


Amida offers Indaba customization, support, and hosting services.