Consensus-Driven Data

Gather Data. Share Knowledge. Build Agreement.

Indaba is more than a survey tool — it’s a data collection and project management platform that guides users through their assigned tasks.

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What is Indaba?

Indaba converts stakeholder and expert knowledge into data that you can analyze, publish, and use to make decisions.

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Team Powered Research

Monitor & Evaluate

Follow-up with team members after completing a project. Learn what went right and what went wrong through staff deliberation. Identify challenges that can be prevented in future project planning.

Build an Index

Invite experts to discuss hard-to-measure concepts. Build agreement from different perspectives and input, then assign an index score based on Indaba’s weighted questions.

Determine Best Practices

Gather industry professionals to share notes on any topic, whether infrastructure improvement or post-conflict rebuilding. Compare methods, challenges, and achievements to create a Best Practices resource.

Open Source

No Licensing Fees. Period.

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Discover Our Features

Project Creation Wizard

The wizard removes the "what's next?" for first-time users. Start collecting data without reading a manual or getting stuck.

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Built-in Messaging

Facilitate collaboration between project managers and survey participants. Track progress, flag questions, notify users, and always stay connected.


Attach pictures, documents, or spreadsheets as supporting material to survey responses. Curate conversations around facts and opinions to resolve complicated questions.

Data Integrity

Preserve a record of all data and survey response changes. Ensure accuracy and security with multiple review rounds and role-based permissions.

Endless Customization

Let us create your ideal Indaba.

Manage Process

Set & Track Deadlines

Designate User Roles

Verify & Validate Responses

Get Results

Assign an Index Score

Allocate Project Funding

Make Better Decisions

About Amida and Indaba

Indaba is a survey-based data collection and project management tool for the international development and public sectors. Convert expert opinions into quantifiable measurements on hard-to-measure topics. Indaba transforms the way NGOs and government agencies gather information to make decisions about topics affecting our world.

Indaba was built by the industry’s best. Amida enables data interoperability and exchange with open source and customized adapters that connect upstream assets with downstream applications conveniently, inexpensively, and securely.
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